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3rd Generation Family Owned with 30 locations across the U.S.

Founded by Bill Gravley in 1963 in Wichita, Kansas, Print Pointe was originally named Quik Print. The company name represented exactly that - high quality, quick printing. Bill's foresight to see and act on a need that wasn't being met meant Quik Print was the first and soon the leader of an idea that would revolutionize the print industry. The idea that it was possible to provide customers faster than ever before turn-a-round times without sacrificing quality or customer service. So with a print shop set up in his garage and a whole lot of heart and hustle, Bill made quick printing and Quik Print a reality.


Dedication to our customers to provide them an excellent product on time and on budget, every time soon grew the company to more than 150 full-service stores throughout the United States. Along the way, the franchise was sold and approximately 40 stores now operate under the Quik Print flagship brand, Print Pointe, or Documart.

In 1999, the family tradition of print continued and Lindsay Fisher, Bill's granddaughter, opened the first of two Print Pointe locations in Denver, CO. Recently, they were merged into what is now our main location. "The driving force behind our success continues to be our employees. They are what keeps us leaders in the industry and at the top of the customer service game," shares Lindsay.


At Print Pointe your success drives our success.  Delivering our clients products that help them meet a budget and beat their goals is how we grow our business. Delivering the highest standards of customer service is our commitment to you and your business. And that, is the Print Pointe difference–then, now, and tomorrow. Whatever your print needs are, come on in - we’re on it.


Lindsay Fisher Owner, CEO

I am the third generation of printers in my family. Growing up, I swore I would do anything, anything BUT go into the printing business. I went to school for marketing and finance and loved it. I had the privilege of working with and for some great companies. But, at the end of the day I had a vision and I knew I needed my career to be on my own terms. The entrepreneur instinct and the excitement to step up to the challenge took over and I opened PrintPointe in Denver in 1999. What can I say? Print – it is just in my blood.


I feel whole heartedly that it is essential to support and provide on-going professional development for myself, my employees, and my community. Education is the dirt that a business’ roots grow in and thrive. It is what drives me to hire employees based on who they are and provide them professional opportunities to nurture and grow their careers. Believing in your employees and investing in them comes back to you and your business over and over. So, I strive to create an environment for my team that is packed full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

I am just as passionate about contributing to the business community. Organizations whose mission is to elevate how we are all doing business is are where I focus our sponsorships and memberships. It is important to me to be a participant and not just a cash or services resource. I have a compelling need to be hands on and help make a difference by sharing my experiences or carving out some time to volunteer on a committee. The added bonus is surrounding myself with incredible colleagues provides me with support, resources, and a fresh set of eyes on what I am doing.

This is a true passion for me and not just a job. Helping a new business owner as they get started and being a part of their success as they move the needle is just awesome. It is inspiring to me to be able to make a difference in a business owner’s life. Being able to be a part of their success is why I love what I do.

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